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Why Move to the Cloud?



Why Move to the Cloud?

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What is this cloud computing people are talking about and what are the benefits of moving to the cloud?

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. The largest benefit of this is the ability to access your data from any device, anytime. The actual computing is happening from a datacenter outside of your organization. Accessing your work is as easy to do at home as it is in the office, enabling you to work anywhere with an internet connection.

Thousands of businesses are trading in their traditional computer equipment for virtualized desktops and cloud-based servers. Cloud computing uses less power, and requires less in-office IT equipment or space to operate. It also offers instant data recovery and the ability to securely work from home or on the road. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may benefit from moving your company to the cloud:

– Work from anywhere with easy access to your data anytime

– Drop your overall IT expenses (hardware, software, maintenance), and also save costs by not having to run and maintain your own server-  Gain flexibility and the ability to quickly scale for growth

– Go green by saving on electricity and only using the energy you need

– Automatic disaster recovery and protection from theft, viruses, and other unexpected circumstances

– Pay a flat monthly fee to better balance your IT budget

– Cloud tools to increase team collaboration with easy file sharing using applications such as Office 365

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