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Where Is My Tech?



Where Is My Tech?

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Where Is My Tech?


The situation is familiar; someone in the office says, “We’ve got a computer problem, call support.” You then call your support company and ask for Bob, because Bob was the technician that fixed your last problem. The voice on the other end of the phone says, “Bob is not available, let me put a ticket in the system and the next available technician will help you.”

You say, “No, I’ll wait for Bob.” However, Bob does not return your call. You start to believe your support needs are being ignored, and frustration grows.

There are many reasons why Bob did not call you, and it’s not as simple as Bob’s availability. Here’s a little background:


Why Bob Isn’t Calling You Back (And It’s Not the Reason You Think!)

Your support provider works with many companies, and typically uses a ticketing system to keep track of what needs to be done. This ticketing system keeps track of who called, when they called, and what problem they’re having. A best practice in the support business is that if it’s not in a ticket, then it did not happen. This philosophy is necessary due to the wide range of problems and the number of different clients that call in on a given day.

The fact of the matter is that Bob works with more than one client. When you call, there is a good chance Bob is already busy assisting someone who called before you. Since you said you would wait for Bob, there is a possibility that Bob doesn’t even know to call you.

And, as much as he might deny it, Bob is mortal. Bob gets sick. Bob takes vacation. Sometimes, Bob even finds a new job. In short, Bob is not what you’re paying your support company for.

When you contract a support company, you are contracting a group of technicians with a wide variety of knowledge and experience. For example, sometimes Amanda knows things that Bob doesn’t. It is mutually beneficial to work with and develop relationships with different technicians at your support company, for those times when Bob might be sick or on vacation. That way, Amanda can jump right in and is already familiar with your unique setup.

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