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The Self-Contained Autonomous Machine That Changed the Way We Work



The Self-Contained Autonomous Machine That Changed the Way We Work

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Back in the dark ages when television (now known as TV) was considered “high tech”, the typical business office had at least one typewriter, if not more. It was the office workhorse for memos, letters, documents and forms. Anyone could use it without knowing anything about menus, settings or preferences. It was a good machine that became one of the most relied upon pieces of office equipment, and it was easy to maintain. Following word processors with displays and editing capabilities, the typewriter was soon replaced by the desktop computer: a wonder of technology with more processing power than NASA had to send man to the moon. Even though many of today’s office workers have never seen a typewriter, they still treat their desktop computer as if it were a simple machine that required minimal maintenance.

Unlike the typewriter, the desktop computer requires regular maintenance. Programs need updating, disks need reorganizing and the keyboard, mouse and main box need to be dusted and cleaned regularly. A computer is more complex than a typewriter and needs more care.

Like typewriters, regular maintenance of the mechanical parts of the computer can be performed by almost anyone. However, keeping your computer running in top operating condition requires a bit more expertise. Qualified technicians know what files should be where, what programs are out of date and when the computer can no longer keep up with increased workloads.

If your computer is not performing as well as it could, it might be time to talk to an expert to find out if you have the right tool for the job.