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Managed Services


Our managed services continuously monitor the components in your network and their interactions by installing a small agent on each system. This agent watches system logs, resources and network traffic to report on any anomalies. This allows us to see potential problems before they become unmanageable. By managing your infrastructure, we can advise you about potential problems and keep you up to date on necessary upgrades.

Our managed services are available at two levels. Both provide constant monitoring of your systems and both report back to us with the metrics necessary to keep your systems working. The primary difference between the two plans is how much work you allow us to do before we require further authorization.


Comprehensive Managed Service (sometimes referred to as All You Can Eat) is our premier support product. With this product you pay a flat monthly fee and all support, onsite and remote, is covered. Regardless of the issue or the time involved, we will work to ensure that your systems are up and running the way they were designed. Services included with are comprehensive plan are:

  • 24×7 monitoring agent
  • Remote and On-site problem remediation
  • Normal maintenance (software updates, resource cleaning)
  • Customer Reporting


Essentials Managed Service is a more modest version of our monitoring product. We realize that businesses often run on a tight budget and, at times, need to watch expenses closely. Our Essential product gives you the same foundation as our Comprehensive product, but with a pay-as-you-go discounted rate.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows you to be confident that your equipment is up to date with the most current hardware and software. Rather than purchasing equipment outright, IaaS provides computers and operating software for a monthly fee. As the equipment begins to age or break down, it is systematically repaired or replaced with new equipment, providing a consistent and reliable experience.

When your infrastructure is treated as a service rather than a capital expenditure, you will no longer be responsible for system maintenance or long term equipment planning. Right size your computing resources as you grow without the steep entry costs.

Every component of your infrastructure is eligible for inclusion in this plan: servers, workstations, laptops and printers. Additionally, your backup can also be part of an IaaS plan. In fact, the more components that are part of a service, the less you need to be concerned with.

Server Hosting


It is rare that a business does not need a server, though some try to work without one. Even a one person business can benefit from a server as opposed to a single workstation or laptop.

A server provides a centralized repository for information that is necessary for a business to run. Its primary purpose is to keep information available and safe from the general threats of a workstation, such as the internet.

Unfortunately, budgets and locations sometimes will not allow it. In these situations, a hosted server is the solution.

Server hosting is when we build a virtual server in our data center that is accessible only for your operations. This service gives you the processing power of a server without the burden of a physical presence.
With a hosted server you no longer need special equipment, or a “safe” place to keep it. All you need is internet access. This also means that if your business is mobile, via a smart phone, laptop or tablet, your server is available wherever you are.

Another advantage of your hosted server is a regular backup. When we host your server, your data is backed up regularly, and your information is secure.