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Don’t Rely on Luck for Backing up Your Data!



Don’t Rely on Luck for Backing up Your Data!

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Imagine being at work one day, and your server suddenly crashes, which causes ALL of your data to be erased. This type of situation would be a costly tragedy, and your business would take a hard hit.

Here are some tips to make sure this doesn’t happen to you:

1. Don’t rely on inexpensive and automated online backup providers to backup your company data.

– Make sure to do your research ahead of time on the best solutions available. Some sample questions to ask any offsite backup provider are:

1. Ask if you have the option to have your initial backup performed through an encrypted hard drive. With the amount of data on most company’s servers, an initial backup performed over the web can take weeks to complete

2. Make sure that database files can be stored and recovered easily. Many cheap online backup services only hold simple office or media files, while ignoring your most important database files or making those incredibly difficult to recover

3. Ask for daily status reports. Any reputable backup service will send you a daily email to verify that everything is backed up. The more professional solutions will allow you to notify more than one person (like your IT company), in addition to yourself.

2. Don’t trust that your backup is automatically working without doing periodic test restores. Often times, a business owner thinks that their backups are working because they don’t see any error messages or apparent problems. Then, when they need to restore a file (or their entire server), they discover the backups stopped working MONTHS ago and their data is gone.

At Computer Concern, we offer an offsite Hybrid Cloud Backup solution, which helps keep your information at a secure location, safe from the dangers of the local environment. We can evaluate your current backup solution and make recommendations. Please contact us at, through our website at (go to ‘Contact’ in the red bar and fill out the form), or call us at (480) 921-9044.

Reviewing your current backup and making sure your data is being backed up properly is very important, and you do not want to rely on luck for this!