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Do you know what your Employees are doing Online?



Do you know what your Employees are doing Online?

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The internet and email have become indispensable tools for business, but many companies are finding that employees are using these tools more for personal activities than job-related tasks. In fact, many business owners have recognized that unrestricted use of the internet by employees has the potential to have more of a negative impact rather than enhance productivity. Unrestricted internet usage also poses additional security threats.

To reduce the security risk and minimize non-productive activities, business owners are utilizing an Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP), along with adding additional layers to their existing security stack. An IAUP is a written agreement that details the permissible workplace uses of the internet and email, and includes prohibited uses, rules of online behavior, and access privileges with penalties for violations of the policy. An IAUP can reduce wasted hours online, lower bandwidth usage and stabilize equipment needs.

Here at Computer Concern, we advise our clients to have an IAUP in place, and can assist with creating the documentation. Along with an IAUP, we recommend evaluating and increasing your existing security stack to ensure you are covered from multiple angles. Having Antivirus alone is no longer good enough. We recommend adding layered security, which includes gateway protection, advanced next generation routers and increased monitoring. As part of our security stack offerings, we offer Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which creates an additional layer of cloud-delivered protection, both on and off the corporate network. There is no hardware to install or software to maintain. The final layer of protection is internet monitoring, called OpenDNS, which makes monitoring of employee internet usage simple. View usage by hours connected, sites visited or detailed reports that show all security level activity.

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