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Artificial Intelligence: From Machine to Man



Artificial Intelligence: From Machine to Man

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Since before computers were invented, humans have fantasized about machines coming to life – with the idea that machines could think for themselves and make their own decisions. From Terminator to the Matrix, Artificial Intelligence is nothing new.

What is Artificial Intelligence or AI for short? AI is the theory of having a machine react to stimuli that would emulate human response and thinking. We already have many examples of AI that are currently in action. From IBM’s Watson, to self-teaching AI that can now predict economic futures to a certain degree of accuracy. There is even AI that can detect Heart Arrhythmias in patients with cardiologist-level accuracy.

The future certainly looks even more promising for AI. There are developments that can relay information through AI to control things like roads and traffic lights. This would make it easier for first responders in cities or metro areas, leading to quicker response times, as well as tracking crime through city CCTV. The Department of Defense has also been looking into Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity defense and offense. AI can react faster than a human can, as well as monitor more areas with less resources needed.

While it seems that Artificial Intelligence can only help to make our lives easier, there are drawbacks including physical and cyber security concerns. AI would have to be kept on a server, which could make it as vulnerable as its servers. A hacker may attempt to breach server security and take control of an AI for nefarious purposes. This would most likely be to steal personal information, instead of creating a real-world version of Skynet.

Thinking about a future with AI integrated into human society is very intriguing. Traffic could be reduced with self-driving cars, and certain industries could benefit heavily from AI being incorporated into their workforce. The downside would be opening up the next venue of cybersecurity attacks. However AI is incorporated in the future, it needs to be done thoughtfully.