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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting an Avalanche of Spam



5 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting an Avalanche of Spam

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Spam emails are annoying and time consuming, but they are also becoming more dangerous to your privacy and the security on your computer. Millions of computer users are getting infected, spoofed, and tricked by spam emails every year, which can result in paying big fees to clean and restore their PC’s back to working order.

It’s very important to get a quality spam blocking software installed as a first line of defense. To reduce the chances of your email address being added to a spammer’s list, here are five simple preventative measures that will help keep spam out of your inbox:

1. Use a Disposable Email Address If you buy products online or occasionally subscribe to websites that interest you, you will more than likely be spammed. To avoid your primary email address from ending up on a broadcast list, set up a free email address (such as Gmail), and use it when buying or opting into online subscriptions.

2. Pay Attention to Check Boxes That Automatically Opt You In Whenever you subscribe to a website or make a purchase online, be careful of small, pre-checked boxes that say, “Yes! I want to receive offers from third party companies.” If you do not uncheck the box to opt out, your email address can (and will) be sold to online advertisers, so watch the online forms you fill out.

3. Don’t Post Your Primary Email Address on Your Website or Web Forums Spammers have special programs that can extract email addresses from websites without your permission. If you are posting to a web forum, use your secondary email address instead of your primary email address. If you want to post an email address on your home page, use “info@” and have all replies forwarded to a folder in your inbox that won’t interfere with your important email.

4. Create Throwaway Email Accounts If you own a web domain, all mail going to an address at your domain is probably set up to come directly to you by default. For example, an email address to will be delivered to your inbox. This is a great way to fight spam without missing out on important emails. The next time you sign up for a newsletter, use the title of the website in your email address. For example, if the website is titled, enter as your email address. If shows up as the original recipient, you know the source, since that email address was unique to that website. You can now easily stop the spam by making any email sent to that address bounce back to the sender.

5. Don’t Open, Reply to, or Try to Opt-Out of Obvious Spam Emails Opening, replying to, or even clicking on a deceptive opt-out link in a spam email signals that your email address is active, and more spam will follow. The only time it is safe to click on the opt-out link or reply to the email is when the message was sent from a company you trust or do business with.

Interested? Contact Us! At Computer Concern, we offer and recommend Microsoft Office 365, which provides built-in spam filtering. Please contact us at, through our website at (go to ‘Contact’ in the red bar and fill out the form), or call us at (480) 921-9044 to get you set up.