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The 1 Darn Cool School at PCH



The 1 Darn Cool School at PCH

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Being a patient in the hospital can be an undesirable experience. However, being hospitalized as a child or young adult is even more dispiriting. Unfortunately, when a child is confined to a single space, especially for a long-term illness, the child is missing out on their education and social interactions.

The 1 Darn Cool School at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital was established to help children continue their “normal” school routine while restricted in the hospital receiving treatment. “Our school lets patients be productive in a positive and encouraging environment. When children continue their schooling while in the hospital, their anxiety levels are lowered, and they feel better, physically and mentally. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.”

Last year was Computer Concern’s first year of contributing to this “hidden gem” school program, and we donated and set up several Amazon Fire Tablets. The teachers and staff welcomed us for a tour of the facility and educated us about the program. We were truly impressed with the program and seeing first-hand the impact they have on these children’s lives. The patients have truly enjoyed the tablets, and they were able to use them in their beds if they were too unwell to attend class.

This year, Computer Concern hopes to make an even greater difference and to bring more awareness to the 1 Darn Cool School with your help. Currently, the school program is 100% philanthropically supported.

Below is a wish list of donation items that are needed for the school:

  • Basic school supplies (pencils, pens, paper, etc.)
  • Art supplies (for Fine Arts Fridays)
  • USB flash drives
  • Wireless mice
  • iTunes or other gift cards (used for incentives for the older patients to complete their work)

We will be collecting donations through January 31st.

Please let us know if you are willing to contribute to this great cause. Thank you, and let us know if you have any questions. Contact us via email at or call Kim at (480) 921-9044.
With much appreciation,
The Computer Concern Team

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